Geographical Haigerloch-Trillfingen is situated an the foreland of the Swabian Alb at the border of the Gaeu-landscape. It is on an elevation between the valleys of the rivers Eyach and NeckarI and the village of Trillfingen can be seen at a great distance. There is a wonderful view of the Swabian Alb starting with the Dreifaltigkeitsberg at Spaichingen over to the Achalm by Reutlingen.

A settlement has been found and recorded for more than 700 years and the village of Trillfingen is home of about 1400 inhabitants. Thanks to the productive soil of the area agriculture was the main occupation for centuries. It is very apparent in the structure of the old buildings in the village.
Later an many of our ancestors were forced to look for work outside the area. In the 18th century many villagers moved over Ulm down the Danube into the thinly populated areas of the Danube monarchies, others went to Switzerland and the USA. The advancement of the industrial age improved the employment chances. Lack of good public transport made the introduction of new industries difficult. Today many inhabitants of Trillfingen are working in places like Balingen, Hechingen and Tuebingen, but specially in the region of Boeblingen-Sindelfingen. Trillfingen was incorporated with the town of Haigerloch an December 31, 1972. The merger brought some advantages to our community. A multi-purpose hall was built and a square for festivities was created. Beside our village church “SanktValentin” (1) was finished in the year 1842 in their current shape, rises an the highest point of our municipality, the Chapel of “St.Wendelin” (2) .In the current from it was established around 1775.The water-tower (3) one of the most salient points of our municipality and from far away eyecatcher in the silouette is the Trillfingens.